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Life beyond a dslr - phew!
January 2012

date: 03-11-2009 11:33
subject: Life beyond a dslr
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A few expired films, some good. Revived camera, renewed interests. Happy and lazy me, happy pictures. A spanking old but new aliyan. Alls well with the world.

Amma. Everything, and a little more.

Where the wires are in focus
A photograph more than half a century old, but not in focus here. My uncle, younger to my father, sits in the middle with my grandparents. A stabilizer with a singularly strong will refuses to give up on it's companion of many years; a switchboard and fan regulator that have forgotten how it felt to be touched.

Where nothing is in focus
Where nothing is in focus, as so often in life. Must be all the beer. Windsor pub, Bangalore

Wife showing off her new body piercing. You rock girl :)

Joy of Film
Sister straddling frames, as in life. Soon a dear friend's wife.

An old old temple, once very high up on a hill, but queerly not so high now to my near 30 self. Calm, silent and never ceasing to grip you into a time and space intensely personal and spiritual. Whats the with gods and cameras anyway?
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user: (Anonymous)
date: 03-12-2009 17:35 (UTC)
subject: hey Happy Birthday
Hey wishing you many many happy returns of the Day! have lost my password of my account :(

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