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January 2012

date: 29-01-2012 22:20
subject: Brainfuck
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tags:#brainfuck "ismail kadare" "milan kundera
There is a wierd satisfaction, a brainfuck if you will, when the books one is reading strangely intertwine. Its an incredible coincidence, that two very unrelated books somehow turn out to be related; have chapters that somehow complement one another and speak about the same things. This has happened to me a few times.

Around the time my son was being born, which was more than a year back, I was reading Ismail Kadare's THE FILE ON H.. It was a story, a satire about a couple of Irish-American scholars travelling to Albania in the 1930's to trace the origins of the Western Epics Iliad and Odyssey; to find out whether Homer was indeed one person. Their belief was that the oral story-telling traditions of Middle-Eastern and Central Europe held the key to the mystery of how one person could indeed come up with so vast and complex a story as that of the Iliad and Odyssey. Around the same time I was reading Kundera's The Joke. Imagine my surprise and the warmth inside when the book held sub-plot of a Slavic musician who was trying to come to terms with the decay of his folk art; and a whole chapter dedicated to the origin and nuances of Middle-Eastern and Central European folk songs and story-telling. It remains a fact that the nuances of pentatonic scales are lost on me.

Now imagine my situation whilst in the toilet a couple of days back, when I was reading Nine Lives by William Dalrymple, in the chapter The Singer of Epics about an illiterate Rajasthani folk singer called Mohan Bhopa, Dalrymple proceeded to point to the existence of a Milman Parry, a Homeric scholar, who really did undertake a project in the Slavic regions of Europe with the exactly same objective as that of the two young Irish-American scholars in Kadare's story. That, my friends, was when shit really hit the roof.
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date: 07-01-2012 00:50
subject: Cock
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Cock, originally uploaded by maxaud.


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date: 30-12-2010 01:35
subject: (no subject)
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Dorkland, the PhD-to-be to be arriveth.

TS in deep thought

Fare well.
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date: 16-05-2010 20:51
subject: Pink
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" (pink).. like that leaked from a vat where old flamingos go to dye.."
- Wild ducks flying backwards, Tom Robbins.
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date: 02-04-2010 23:08
subject: Turtles can Fly
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location:India, Bengaluru, Hosur Rd,
tags:#"turtles can fly", movie reviews, movies
Turtles can Fly

Mr. Terry Gilliam, it would be real nice if you learn from Mr. Bahman Ghobadi on how to make a movie about children. Nothing in the movie surprised me. It was not nightmarish, no. It was another instance of a great movie holding a mirror to ones face and telling me - "This is how you and me are".

I have often wondered, why the "Self Help" (spit, gargle, blech) books out there are best sellers. Because I think they just tell what we already know in florid fashion, and we are happy to lap it up. I will drop dead and quit my tipple the day I buy one of those. But, a good movie is no different aye? There is the story though. And this one is right up there. Do yourself a favour, if you have not watched it already.
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date: 21-12-2009 21:35
subject: Movie Marathon
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tags:#movies, showing off
Movies watched in the last one week.

1. Amores Perros
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3. Week End
4. In Bruges
5. Paleri Manikyam
6. Sita sings the Blues
7. Duck Soup
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date: 03-11-2009 11:33
subject: Life beyond a dslr
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tags:#pics photos me
A few expired films, some good. Revived camera, renewed interests. Happy and lazy me, happy pictures. A spanking old but new aliyan. Alls well with the world.

Amma. Everything, and a little more.

Where the wires are in focus
A photograph more than half a century old, but not in focus here. My uncle, younger to my father, sits in the middle with my grandparents. A stabilizer with a singularly strong will refuses to give up on it's companion of many years; a switchboard and fan regulator that have forgotten how it felt to be touched.

Where nothing is in focus
Where nothing is in focus, as so often in life. Must be all the beer. Windsor pub, Bangalore

Wife showing off her new body piercing. You rock girl :)

Joy of Film
Sister straddling frames, as in life. Soon a dear friend's wife.

An old old temple, once very high up on a hill, but queerly not so high now to my near 30 self. Calm, silent and never ceasing to grip you into a time and space intensely personal and spiritual. Whats the with gods and cameras anyway?
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date: 11-06-2009 21:13
subject: I am in love...
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tags:#"canonet ql17 giii" canonet proud love p
...all over again. Straight out of the new old camera ppl...






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date: 03-05-2009 22:48
subject: Proud Owner Warning
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tags:#canonet ql17 giii proud
Owner of a Canonet QL17 GIII, which also goes by the sobriquet "Poor man's Leica". Not that I really know a thing about Leicas and Canonets. But what the heck, I am liking it, especially the 1.7 lens!

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date: 22-04-2009 23:20
subject: Long Shadows
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Long Shadows, originally uploaded by maxaud.

The wife in a pensive mood. On a beach somewhere in Cornwall.

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