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Turtles can Fly - phew!
January 2012

date: 02-04-2010 23:08
subject: Turtles can Fly
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location:India, Bengaluru, Hosur Rd,
tags:#"turtles can fly", movie reviews, movies
Turtles can Fly

Mr. Terry Gilliam, it would be real nice if you learn from Mr. Bahman Ghobadi on how to make a movie about children. Nothing in the movie surprised me. It was not nightmarish, no. It was another instance of a great movie holding a mirror to ones face and telling me - "This is how you and me are".

I have often wondered, why the "Self Help" (spit, gargle, blech) books out there are best sellers. Because I think they just tell what we already know in florid fashion, and we are happy to lap it up. I will drop dead and quit my tipple the day I buy one of those. But, a good movie is no different aye? There is the story though. And this one is right up there. Do yourself a favour, if you have not watched it already.
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